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Beware Of Cannibals


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The other night I watched a low budget horror movie on Netflix.

It took place in the American South, where typical horror movie stereotype can be found.

The hillbilly Satan-worshiping-cannibal type who lives way out in the boonies.

The movie started out with a girl that was lost.

She had a flat and a cop came up to help.

He cautioned her to be careful, as most of the locals don't take kindly to strangers.

This is a very ubiquitous idea.

Of being careful where you go.

The idea is that if you wander onto somebody else's property, your safety isn't guaranteed.

Even dogs mark their own territory.

The idea of "this is my space" exists in many mammals.

If you are out wandering around in the forest, and you happen to wander into some wolves' territory, you're in big trouble.

The idea of territoriality is a very deep instinct.

With physical space, it's obvious.

But with mental space, it's very squishy.

One of my favorite lines from music is from the song "Tom Sawyer," by Rush:

"His mind is not for rent. To any god or government."

Meaning the character's thoughts, ideas and beliefs are his own.

Religious leaders, governments and others would LOVE to put their ideas into your head.

It's almost like having a parasite, running your behavior.

The wrong ideas can be like viruses in your mind.

Especially if you're not sure how they got in there.

Once an idea gets into your mind, it starts to mix with the other ideas.

Like a virus gets into your body, invades the healthy cells and starts to multiply.

If it gets too out of hand, doctors can't do much.

How do you keep other people's ideas out of your mind?

One way is to always have a strong intention.

Having a strong intention is a good way to protect your thoughts.

But some people don't care if you have a strong intention.

They'll try to sneak into your mind and take over your intention, and replace it with theirs.

How do you protect from that?

By learning exactly HOW people hide ideas within their words.

You can expose their ideas for all to see.

And demand they explain themselves.

To them, it will be like hearing somebody rack a shotgun after they've wandered onto somebody else's property.

They'll do everything they can to reverse course, and stop bothering you.

Learn How:

Weaponized Hypnosis

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