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How To Avoid Rough Neighborhoods


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I have a friend who teaches elementary school.

Many of the kids walk to school.

So part of first or second grade is teaching how to walk safely to and from school.

Meaning they get a bunch of the teachers together, and walk them around the neighborhood.

Show them where the dangerous places are.

Go down this street, don't go down this street, etc.

Unfortunately, part of the cost of living in a modern society is the existence of "bad neighborhoods."

Some parts of town where it's not so safe to be wandering around alone.

If you look at any large city, the local police department will hopefully have a map of all the reported crime.

So if you're staying in town for a convention, for example, if you were so inclined you could do some research, and stay away from high murder areas.

When it comes to physical safety, this is common sense.

Go where you are least likely to be in a physically dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mental and emotional safety, this kind of thing doesn't exist.

Plenty of people find themselves in relationships with people who are EXPERTS at mental and emotional manipulation.

Others work with people that just "rub them the wrong way."

On the surface, they seem totally normal.

But because they always hide their insults and attacks behind plausible deniability, there's really NO WAY to openly call them on their behavior.

If a guy is trying to rob you, it's pretty easy to tell.

And it's pretty easy to figure out what to do.

But what about people that are so clever they can insult you out in the open, in front of others?

Especially when matter HOW we respond, we make ourselves look even worse.

The people that are BEST at this are journalists.

They make their living by asking questions that on the surface seem totally innocent, but no matter HOW they are answered, the person being interviewed looks guilty.

Sometimes even destroying careers.

Luckily, just like there is physical self defense, there is verbal self defense.

And just like with martial arts, all you need to do is demonstrate these skills once or twice, and you'll develop a STRONG reputation.

One that will make NOBODY want to mess with you.

Learn More:

Weaponized Hypnosis

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