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There's a saying about various different levels of initiation.

Meaning some people make things happen.

Some people watch things happen.

And some people ask, "What happened?"

A famous line from a Rage Against The Machine song (quoted from George Orwell) goes:

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."

What does this mean?

If an historian came up to you and wanted to know your life story, how accurate do you think you'd be?

Even when we silly humans are TOLD what is going to be on a test, we can't remember it.

And what is history?

A collection of vaguely remembered events.

And who gets to decide what happened and what didn't?

Those who control the present, meaning those who control what goes in the history books and what gets taught in the schools.

Now, for most people, this idea is to uncomfortable to think about.

Most people are content to be told what to do, and hope that something good comes of it.

But some people know that there is a lot MORE in our control that most people realize.

No, I'm not talking about going back in time and changing history.

(Although that WOULD be cool...)

I'm talking about MAKING things happen.

Things that other people HOPE will happen.

Or sit around WAITING for it to happen.

Or WATCH it happen to others.

When all along the power rests with them.

Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

She had the power within her all along.

So did all her buddies (Lion, Scarecrow, Tin man)

That was kind of the theme of the whole story.

If you're waiting for somebody to give something to you, you'll be waiting a while.

But not because THEY have it and THEY won't give it to you.

It's because YOU are the one that has ALL the power to make it happen.

So make it happen:

Love Hypnosis

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