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The Gangster Theory


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Context is crucial.

Something happening in one context is good.

Not so good in another.

A guy gets rejected by a girl, it could be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

On the other hand, if he's with his friends and they are playfully hitting on every girl in site, a particularly clever rejection can make their evening.

Especially if it gets everybody laughing.

This is one context that can make almost everything better.

A few years ago, they released a bunch of pictures from cold war Russia.

Never before seen scenes from inside the Iron Curtain.

Some were pretty bleak.

Shops with the same stuff.

One picture was of a big room with people selling apples.

They all had the same apples.

And they all had the same prices.

Nobody looked very happy.

But in other pictures, people looked extremely happy.


Even though in some pictures they didn't even have shoes, they were smiling.

Because they were hanging with their friends and family.

If you are rich and alone, it can suck.

But if you are poor yet surrounded by loved ones (and a few bottles of vodka) then there's a reason to party.

This is the secret of the human spirit.

With the right relationships, people will thrive in any context.

This is the very best frame through which to see the world.

The frame of a loyal and supportive crew.

This is one of the reasons why gangster movies, especially about Italian Mafia, is so compelling.

We humans love the idea of loyalty.

Of having a "family" that you can always depend on, that will never turn on you.

That will help you bury the bodies, and never tell a soul.

Most people think these relationships are only created by chance.

You're either "lucky" or your not.

But with an understanding of human nature, and the human condition, you create these loyal relationships at will.

Learn How:

Love Hypnosis

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