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I watched a pretty cool movie about witches a few nights ago.

It took place in the very early days of America.

A family had been outcast, and one of the daughters was slowly seduced by the devil.

And when it came time to convince her to sign her name in the book, (Whatever book the devil uses to collect souls) he had to make her a decent offer.

That's the general structure of the "sell your soul to the devil" deal in the movies.

The devil offers you something you can't otherwise get in return for your soul.

In this particular movie, one of the devil's main selling points was the "taste of butter."

To a poor family, struggling on it's own in the wilderness, the "taste of butter" would be pretty tempting.

One of the main imports after Britain came up with the Industrial Revolution was spices.

(Even now, British food isn't known for it's flavor, so I guess back in the day it was even blander.)

The one thing that people couldn't get enough of was sugar.

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine eating without tasting sugar.

We are pretty spoiled when it comes to eating whatever we want, whenever we want.

It wasn't too long ago that the ONLY thing you could eat was what you could produce locally.

But today, with so much scientific advances, there is plenty of ways to fool our taste buds.

Some aren't so healthy, but plenty are fine.

Stevia, for example, is a completely natural sugar substitute.

We humans are always looking for ways to scientifically enhance our subjective experience.

If you take your time and do your research, you can come up with a pretty tasty meal that is both healthy and tasty.

Something that would never exist in the "wild." 

All our emotions are like that.

This is why we love movies and music so much.

We CRAVE emotional experiences.

And if we CAN put together something to give us an emotional experience, we will.

It's kind of strange thinking about eating as an emotional experience, but think of how boring life would be otherwise.

Imagine if all you ate was a tasteless protein shake that was perfectly balanced.

That would be TOO scientific.

On other hand, if you are TOO subjective, and didn't take the time to worry about nutrition, you wouldn't be very healthy.

Luckily, with modern science, we can do both. 

Create experiences that are both "healthy" and subjectively pleasing.

That's the whole point of "hero's journey" movies.

The are subjectively pleasing, emotionally satisfying, and inspiring.

You can do a lot when you can create subjectively pleasing and emotionally healthy feelings.

In fact, if you can do this with the right person, it could be the foundation for a fantastic life.

Learn How:

Love Hypnosis

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