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In economics, there is an idea of "excess capacity."

It usually refers to a situation where is more labor available than is necessary.

A lot of labor "potential" but nothing to do.

Imagine a bunch of bored factory workers sitting around waiting for instructions.

If the situation lasts long enough, the owner has to start letting people go.

But imagine a situation where there was a magic source of money.

Just enough to pay the workers and keep all the equipment working.

But there was nothing for them to do.

They would still have to show up, and do something.

Maybe they'd have forklift races or battles.

Often unions find themselves in this situation.

But without the source of magic money.

And if management is too far removed from the daily operations, it's easy to fake activity.

This is when people do things just to look busy.

A friend of mine was in a situation like that.

For a few weeks, all he did was take stuff from one side of the warehouse and stack it on the other.

This happens sometimes in prison movies.

Some guy gets in trouble, and they make him carry rocks from one pile to another. 

And then move the pile back.

The funny thing about our brains is we ALWAYS have excess "thinking capacity."

Sometimes this is put to good use.

For example, one of the driving forces of the Industrial Revolution was bored workers.

Over a few hundred years, the entire society was doing more or less monotonous manual labor.

And as humans tend to do, most of them were thinking, "Dang, there's GOT to be a better way to do this!"

And from those thoughts, came all the inventions.

Bored thoughts turned into things.

And productivity shot through the roof.

Most of us today don't use even a tiny fraction of our excess "thinking capacity."

We daydream, waste time on social media or TV.

Fantasize about romantic relationships that don't exist.

But if you take only a tiny portion of your thinking and use it to plan rather than wish, things will change.

All it takes is one small connection between thinking and acting, and this will be the seed that grows your empire.

Because once you prove to yourself that your thoughts can indeed become things, it will forever change how you think.

Instead of day dreaming, you'll be planning. 

Your ideas will start to oscillate between thoughts and things.

After you build up enough momentum, they'll start to grow on their own.

And you'll have to do everything just to keep up.

Get Started:

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