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The human mind is very slippery.

Which is at the same time, its most powerful aspect and its greatest weakness.

For example, consider the idea of the Mastermind Group.

Napoleon Hill talked about it in Think and Grow Rich.

He didn't invent it, he just described it.

But think about what it means.

A group of people getting together to solve a problem.

All they need is a place to meet and talk.

Sounds very simple and ordinary.

But it's also almost magical.

They are talking about an idea, a shared hallucination.

And they take this shared hallucination, agree on what it is, and then carefully rearrange it, restructure it until everybody agrees that new hallucination will solve the problem.

Structurally, it's the same as a bunch of dudes working on an engine.

It doesn't work, they take it  apart, put it back together, and it works.

They don't even need to talk.

But thinking about doing this with a shared hallucination is pretty cool.

Our same capacity to imagine things that aren't there, and talk about them as if they are, and then use those same hallucinations as a blueprint on how to behave can also keep us stuck.

Especially when we are alone.

Our thoughts can keep us trapped.

And certain thoughts, the more we think them, the more they trap us.

All the while we are imagining that it's really things "out there" that are keeping us trapped.

How to break out?

Action is everything.

The greatest mastermind group of all time still needed to take action.

Otherwise they're a bunch of philosophers.

Or guys hanging out at a corner bar or barber shop allegedly "solving the world's problems."

What kind of action?

Any kind of action.

Generally speaking, easier, simpler is better.

Action of any kind will destroy the strongest self-limiting hallucination.

Especially goal oriented action.

Even if it's the tiny first step in a thousand mile journey.

Action will get you moving.

Action will turn on the creative part of your brain that knows this is for real.

To REALLY get it going, combine action with introspection.

Or stated simply, take action, and then see what happens.

If you got closer, do more.

If you didn't, do something different.

This simple strategy is behind every success ever in the history of human kind.

Begin Yours:

Seven Disciplines

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