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Healing from a breakup (I've included some affirmations)


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I know you have  lot of requests (and this is AWESOME so awesome that we can ask!)  On another part of the board, someone asked for affirmations to get over a break up - I know you have a video on this, forget your ex and it's very good but when you get around to it, I'd love these to be in a video too maybe called "Heal From A Breakup" 


This too shall pass

I am grateful for the love I have had in the past, the love in my life now and the love to come

My heart heals more and more every day

I am strong and wonderful with so much to offer and I am healing more and more every day

I allow myself to heal.  I allow myself to open up to new, healthy love in the perfect time and way for me.

I appreciate all that I learned and all the good things I experienced from my last relationship and any other previous relationship/s

I let go of the things from my last relationship that hurt me, I let go of that pain now.

I know I have value.

I know I am really worthwhile and really worthy of being loved by a wonderful person who I love and think is wonderful too.

I know this is manifesting for me now.

Day by day I love myself more and more.

I forgive myself.  I let go of past regrets.  I let go of past guilt.

I am smashing through the wall of pain, sadness and sorrow.  This wall crumbles, my sadness leaves me and is replaced by happiness and joy.

I find things to laugh and smile about every day.

I am so attractive.  I am so sexy.  I am SO damn loveable.

I bring so much to the table, including in relationships. 

Anyone in a relationship with me is lucky to have me and I am lucky to.

I attract wonderful, loving, positive people into my life that I really like.

I breathe out pain, I breathe in love. I heal, I let go.

My tears of sadness and heartbreak, heartache are replaced with laughter and joy and tears of appreciation and love.

I learn to love and trust again when I am ready.

I treat myself, I truly love myself.  I am a truly gorgeous person.  

All is well.  All is for my benefit.  I find so much to love in life.  I am cocooned in love from myself, the Universe and others.

I love me, I really do.  


Then the you version.  Thanks! 

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