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Recently I saw a B-grade horror movie.

Guy and a girl go hiking in the woods.

The guy had been to the place a bunch of times.

So he didn't bring a map.

Then they got lost.

And a bear came and ate him and almost ate her.

Kind of like Jaws, but in the forest.

The common theme is getting lost.

A useful "go-to" plot line of horror movies.

The idea of getting lost is pretty terrifying.

Course, getting lost these days is pretty tough, unless you wander somewhere alone without any coverage.

But there are plenty of ways to be lost besides being physically lost.

In the ancient days of hunter-gathers, they were ALWAYS lost.

Back in our pre-human days, when humans were still spreading out all over the planet, they hadn't even invented the idea of being lost.

Since the name of the game was to explore uncharted territory.

Kind of like on Star Trek.

Even with all the reboots, hundreds of years in the past, or the future, or even parallel universes, they always manage to find themselves where "no man has gone before."

It seems to be a paradox.

One one hand, we are terrified of not knowing where we are.

And at the same time, we like the idea of going into uncharted waters.

Unexplored country.

Even going to new bars, clubs and restaurants is exciting.

How do we make the best of both?

All the stories of going where "no man has gone before" involve having a capable crew.

All the horror or survival stories of being lost involve small groups of people who are in over their head.

One group WANTS to go where no man has gone before, and have prepared.

The other group thought they were going to a familiar place and got lost.

The trick is to plan ahead.

So whether you are going to a familiar place, or an unknown place, you're prepared.

Of course, this is all a metaphor for your life's journey.

Since the future is ALWAYS unknown, everything you do can be seen as uncharted waters, to some extent.

The more you prepare for those uncharted waters, the better of you'll THRIVE in those uncharted waters.

Of course, you could stay safely in your comfort zone, where it's safe, and no bears will eat you.

But what fun is that?

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