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The CIA Easter Bunny Strategy


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The Catholic Church is a crafty organization.

Looking at it completely objectively, one can learn a lot about persuasion and influence.

One way to frame the middle ages, for example, is a battle between monarchs and the church.

Both wanted to consolidate power as much as possible.

And a peculiar situation gave the church an advantage, over time.

The way most noble families worked was that first sons inherited everything.

Second sons, not so much.

Frequently, second sons would join the clergy.

Over hundreds of years, these second sons (who didn't inherit anything) started to use their leverage to make the church more powerful than the monarchs.

How did they do this?

They slowly changed the "rules" of who could marry whom.

One way monarchs consolidated power was to have marriages between cousins, etc.

Keep everything in the family.

The church however, wanted to make it harder for them to consolidate power.

So they slowly changed the "rules," making it "immoral" for first cousins to get married.

Another clever aspect of the early church was they incorporated existing pagan rituals into church ideas.

This is why we have Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.

Both existed before the church as pagan rituals of spring.


(Did you know rabbits are good at math? They can really multiply!)

Interestingly enough, the CIA practices the same behavior.

Whenever they go into another country to start spying and stuff, they've got a couple of choices.

They can set up an entirely new network of spies.

Or they can use an existing one.

Just like the early church used existing rituals, and changed their meaning, the CIA use existing networks, and change their meaning.

CIA has worked with gangsters in pretty much every country.

And YOU can use the same technique.

You don't need to join the CIA or become a priest.

Just change the meaning of things.

Think about something you want, but seems WAY out of reach.

Like a million dollars for example.

Or a sexy wife or husband.

When most people think about getting those EXTRAORDINARY things, they think they need to do EXTRAORDINARY things.

But consider the CIA strategy.

Instead of thinking in terms of doing extraordinary behavior, flip the script.

Focus on making those "extraordinary" things normal things.

After all, it's much easier to do normal things and get extraordinary results than to have to do extraordinary things every day.

That's a lot of work!

How do you do that?

Go as slow as you can.

FORCE those extraordinary behaviors to shift into YOUR frame.

Let them in little by little, and make them yours.

It's much easier than YOU going to them.

Make them (those behaviors) come to you.

Start slow and keep going slowly, and make sure they ALWAYS feel normal.

Learn How:

Seven Disciplines

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