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Never Need Willpower Again


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Here's a "trick" that will help you lose weight.

Done consistently, it will help you make much healthier eating choices.

It's based on an idea from economics.

Whenever we choose between two options, we compare the good and bad for both of them.

But we also compare our present state and our future state.

One of the reasons we make unhealthy eating choices is the "good thing" is right here in front of us.

While the "bad thing" is way out into the vague future.

The idea from economics is that we can ONLY live in the present.

Even when we imagine the future, we are imagining it from our present position.

Let's say you're thinking of eating a bowl of ice cream.

The present good of the ice cream choice is EASY to imagine.

The present good of the alternative, the future as you imagine it now, is very weak by comparison.

The "trick" is to spend time building up the strength of the future.

Just take one minute to imagine the future you who only makes healthy eating choices.

Imagine all the compliments you get.

Imagine how it feels to put on looser fitting clothing.

Imagine all the looks you are getting from sexy strangers.

Imagine all the extra money and sex you'll get.

This is not a "magic" trick, in that you only need to think about it once for a few seconds and suddenly never want to eat ice cream again.

But if you take just one minute to practice visualizing a better future every time you choose what to eat, making healthier choices will slowly get easier.

The real trick is to NEVER rely on willpower.

Just imagine two choices.

Ice cream now, and that better, healthier future you, as you imagine it now.

Every time you eat ice cream (or whatever), just spend a minute focusing on that future you.

Each time you do so it will get stronger and stronger.

Then just wait until that future you, as you imagine it now, is stronger than the "eat ice cream" now.

It's actually pretty simple.

Imagine two futures, and then eat ice cream.

Each time you imagine two futures, the healthier future, as you imagine it now, will become SLIGHTLY more compelling.

All you need to do is wait until it is MORE compelling than the ice cream.

When that happens, you'll know longer want to eat the ice cream.

You'll just naturally decide, without EVER needing willpower, that you don't want it any more.

You can even trick yourself.

And see the ice cream as a REWARD for spending a minute comparing the two potential futures.

And just wait until the healthier future becomes the reward.

You can use this "trick" in plenty of different ways.

Learn How:

Seven Disciplines

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