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Eggs In The Coffee Machine


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Imagine if you never learned how to cook.

Not even toast.

Or microwavable bagel dogs.

It was a huge mystery to you.

When you got hungry, you had two choices.

Go out and buy stuff (which seemed too mysterious to reverse engineer) or take your chances.

And if you took your chances, you really did pick things at random and try and make something.

Supposed you didn't even know what utensils in your kitchen did what.

Like you might put a couple of raw eggs in the coffee maker.

Or pour some milk into the toaster.

Then you sat at the table with an empty plate and a fork and hoped for the best.

Silly, right?

Supposed you hired somebody to build you a house, and they did the same thing.

They showed up to the vacant lot with a bunch of wood and tools.

And no plan.

All they knew it had to have a bunch of rooms, and a roof,

But they only knew that because they looked at other houses.

The walls ended up crooked, the roof was slanted, and it leaked.

Luckily, people that build houses know what they are doing.

And if you want to eat something, you don't have to play the odds.

Maybe the first time you cook something it might not come out so well, but each time you get better and better.

Most of us understand that skills like cooking are things we can continue to improve on throughout our lives.

Same with whatever skills you need for your job.

But other skills we don't even think of as skills.

More like abilities.

And for some reason, we think these "abilities" are set in stone.

We are either good at them, or not.

Naturally, it's better to be able to improve something than not improve it.

So it would make sense to question the idea of a set ability whenever we can.

After all, if you COULD improve, why not?

Language is one of these.

Sure, we all know that if we study a FOREIGN language, we'll get better.

But just talking? 

The funny thing is most people talk like our imaginary cooker. Who put eggs in the coffee machine.

We have these half thought ideas, and spit out a jumble of words, and hope for the best.

Luckily, you can improve how you communicate just as easily as you improve any other skill.

Most people don't even try, because they wouldn't know where to begin.

Fortunately, there is a very POWERFUL system of communication that you can learn.

And continue to get better at.

The better you get, the more easily you'll get whatever ideas you want into their minds.

But not just INTO their minds, into their minds so they'll be acted upon.

Learn How:

Seven Laws

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