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Black Belt Language Patterns


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It can get pretty confusing when talking objectively about things that usually happen unconsciously.

Everybody has an experience of learning something new to the point of unconscious competence.

Reading, writing, driving, riding a bike, playing an instrument.

These are all things that started out confusing and clunky, but are now automatic.

Many things, we do them unconsciously, and we've never really thought about them consciously.

Spoken language, is something we learn, but it's so innate we never really "feel" like we're learning.

Mainly because we're so young when it happens.

So taking apart something as unconscious as language, looking at it and rearranging it so it's much more effective is not normal.

Bruce Lee famously said that "Before Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a punch. During Jeet Kun Do, a punch is a complicated mix of energy and intention and balance and force. After Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a punch. But it's a much different punch."

Throwing a punch is something humans do instinctively.

But it's kind of clunky and inefficient.

But if you learn any martial art, you take what's unconscious and clunky and drill it until it's unconscious and deadly.

You can do the same with language.

But thinking about language is much more trance-inducing than thinking about punching somebody. 

Language is both normal and common yet strange and magical.

You have an idea in your brain.

You turn that idea into a jumble of sounds.

Those sounds go into somebody else's brain (through their ears).

And hopefully, it will create a certain idea in their brain.

And based on that idea, we hope (at least unconsciously) that they'll take a certain action based on that idea (that we just put there).

Most people spit out words like untrained fighters throw punches.

Clumsily and ineffectively.

But you CAN train yourself to use your words with as much effectiveness as a black belt punch.

But with a punch, they are going to KNOW that you punched them.

Which means unless you are in a tournament or are punching somebody in self defense, you might get into trouble.

Words, on the other hand, can be MUCH sneakier.

Because you can carefully create the ideas that end up in their mind.

Just make sure that ONE of those ideas is that those ideas were THEIR ideas.

They'll do EXACTLY what you want, and look at you like they thought you just said something, but they aren't sure what it was.

Learn How:

Seven Laws


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