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The Entourage Effect


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One of the best skills you can develop is to "go meta."

This just means to be able to switch perspectives.

For example, plenty of people know or knew somebody that was in an unhealthy relationship.

Everybody outside could tell.

But the person inside thought everything was OK.

It's easy to see things when you have an objective perspective.

But from inside, with a subjective perspective it's difficult.

So being able to switch to an objective standpoint is VERY helpful.

And not just in noticing bad things and getting out of them.

Most of the stuff that makes us people do things is unconscious.

Take social proof, for example.

Everybody's heard about it.

Everybody can talk about it, see examples of it.

But for humans, social proof is kind like water to a fish.

Fish don't notice the water until they're out of it.

We humans don't really notice social proof until we don't have ANY of it.

Just imagine doing things OPPOSITE to everybody else.

Wearing clothes nobody else wore.

Using phrases nobody else used.

Imagine acting, talking and dressing like somebody from the 1800's.

It would be VERY HARD to keep it up very long.

Everywhere you went, people would look and stare.

Being a complete OUTSIDER is very hard for us humans to do for very long.

We always need SOME KIND of social group to reference, even mentally.

This is very powerful if you can leverage it.

Figure out way to get you, your idea your product "socially proofed."

If you show up with a group of girls to a club, you will be MUCH MORE attractive than if you show up alone.

The ONLY DIFFERENCE is the people around you.

If you dress the same, walk and talk the same, just having attractive people around you will make you more attractive.

But if to create social proof, you need other people, right?


Ideas like social proof and authority are VERY EASY to imply.

This is the power of conversational hypnosis.

It's based on vague ideas that are interpreted by the listener.

So when you use words or phrases that IMPLY social proof, your listener will translate them in their mind to the PERFECT social proof.

Even if in your mind, that "social proof phrase" means "you and your two buddies," it will be interpreted by your listener to be the PERFECT amount of social proof.

The perfect number and kind of people.

This allows you to create the "entourage effect" linguistically.

Learn How:

Seven Laws

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