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Why A Few Men Rule The Planet


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Most humans have a hard time thinking on their own.

This isn't good or bad, this is just the way we are.

Usually if we are in a situation, and something is a bit off, most people instinctively look around.

Usually for somebody in charge.

Or even a sign (put up by people in authority) that tells what to do.

When they put strangers together, and give them a task, they always form a hierarchy.

One guy in charge, and everybody else willingly following along.

In the movies, like if people are stuck on an island or in an elevator, there's usually a struggle for power.

But this is only a plot device.

In real life, most people HATE the idea of being in charge.

They WELCOME somebody who steps up.

Interestingly, when they do experiments like this, people ALWAYS line up.

They take a hundred people, and put them in a groups of ten.

In each group, one person becomes the leader.

It happens quickly, naturally, and without any arguing.

Any arguments that happen is when people don't want to be in charge.

"Me? Why me? You be in charge!"

But then they take those TEN "leaders" and put them together, and the SAME THING happens.

This is one of the reasons the world is structured the way it is.

There's a couple hundred dudes that are sitting on the board of directors on 90% of all the companies.

But you don't need to conquer the world to leverage this powerful law.

Because we ALL have internal "filters" for anything that looks or sounds like "leadership."

And if you know how to slip this idea into your conversations, people will automatically follow along.

What idea?

That you, or your ideas, are approved by authority figures.

See, when you wrap up ideas of authority with the Milton Model, not only will your ideas (or you) seem WAY more compelling, nobody will really know why.

But YOU will.

Obviously, this stuff can be abused.

Anything that shortcuts the thinking of other people can be used for evil as well as good.

So be careful!

Because nobody liked it when authority abuses its power.

So long as you use to have fun, and create win-win outcomes, everybody's happy.

Learn More:

Seven Laws

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