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There's a famous story of Hachi, a dog in Japan.

He would follow his owner to the station every day.

Hachi's master was a professor.

Hachi would wait for him at the station around the time he got off work.

But one day Hachi's master died at school.

But Hachi kept waiting.

(If this sounds familiar, they made a movie about this with Richard Gere).

Now, exactly WHY Hachi (a dog) kept waiting is anybody's guess.

Since we humans like to imagine animals with human emotions, it's a good story about loyalty, obedience, friendship, etc.

It's also pretty widely known that when people lose limbs, they can develop "phantom limb syndrome."

If they have their leg amputated, for example, they wake up nights with leg pain in their leg they don't have any more.

Doctors recognize this as real pain, not imaginary.

It seems both our brains, and a lot of animals (like Hachi) expect certain things to be there.

And when they are gone (masters, legs, etc) we don't know how to cope.

So our subconscious pretends they are there.

This is normal. 

Plenty of experiments show, again and again, that humans are hierarchical.

We NEED to line up according to SOME KIND of "pecking order."

Even if there ISN'T a "real" leader, we NEED one.

So we'll take whatever we can get.

But it's really not so different from Hachi waiting for his dead master or somebody waking up with phantom limb pain.

If there isn't a REAL leader, we'll IMAGINE one.

This presents a good opportunity, both for good AND for evil.

If you are evil, and you recognize people are desperate for a leader, you can easily hijack their minds and lead them to terrible places.

Sadly, this happens quite often.

On the other hand, if your intentions are GOOD, you can do the same.

Lead people to wonderful places.

Physical places, mental places, places of opportunity and discovery.

Even inner exploration.

If you lead, they will follow.

Learn How:

Cult Leader

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