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Most people understand the need to learn skills.

That's kind of (allegedly) the whole point of education.

Learn stuff that can help you get a job.

Problem is, a lot of stuff they teach is pretty useless.

And some of the most essential skills are nowhere to be found in any textbook.

A lot of businesses were built by guys who ditched school type thinking altogether.

And a lot of them didn't really have any concrete ideas.

They only had what Napoleon Hill called a "burning desire."

But just having a burning desire isn't enough.

Most of the great leaders in history not only had a burning desire, but they also had a kind of magnetism.

Their burning desire affected others.

Even when those others didn't really know WHAT specifically they were creating.

They only had a feeling that this is something magnificent.

Of course, that same energy, the combination of a burning desire and the irresistible magnetism that automatically collects people to your cause, CAN be dangerous.

VERY dangerous.

It's like having a fire that is uncontained.

Fire is very powerful if you know how to USE it.

But if you just start a fire without really knowing how or why, it can easily get WAY out of control.

But a controlled and contained fire can produce a LOT of heat.

And you can USE that heat to do a lot of stuff.

This is how all of our electricity is created.

Water is heated, and the steam turns turbines, which create electricity.

All from the basic principle of fire.

If you can create your own burning desire, and ignite it so it inspires the burning desire of others, then you've got something.

With just a few people, and all of your fires aligned, you can do great things.

Learn How:

Cult Leader

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