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Whenever you have two competing ideas, or people, the one with the longest range plan is usually going to win.

For example, it's commonly understood that corporations have more or less taken over most governments.

How did they do this?

Governments can only focus so far ahead.

Since government officials are elected, they can only do so much.

Any idea they come up with has to work in a very short time period.

Otherwise somebody else might get credit.

And the flip side is that if they do something that looks good in the short term, but disastrous in the long term, they can always blame somebody else.

Corporations, on the other hand, don't need to worry about such short term issues.

They can think in longer terms. Five, ten years, even longer.

No matter what the competition is centered around, if you can OUTLAST your opponent, you will win.

In the middle ages, this meant surrounding your enemy's castle and just waiting until all their food ran out.

Sometimes it took months.

But as an old Chinese proverb goes, "If you wait by the riverside long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies floating by."

Here's a GOOD way to use these "long game" strategies.

If you talk to other people in way that highlights their wants and needs, WITHOUT commenting on them (even to tell them how awesome you think their plans are), something pretty cool will happen.

Those people will experience something they experience around no other human.

Since few people can talk to others long enough to make sure the OTHER person is feeling really good.

If ALL you did, was talk to people until they were feeling really good, they would ALWAYS be glad to see you.

If you made it a point to talk to others like this only SOME of the time, pretty soon EVERYBODY would start seeing you differently.

They would light up when you walked into a room.

Because YOU are the guy or gal that makes OTHERS feel so awesome.

Do this enough, and even people who don't know you will want to.

Because they'll see how OHTER people respond to you.

Even if you walk through a crowded club to find your friends, this will work.

Once your friends see you, they will all suddenly shift their unconscious behavior.

And everybody else in the club will see that shift.

And everybody else will wonder WHAT it is about you that people like so much.

This takes time, it IS a long game after all.

But if applied consistently, it will add up to some VERY happy results.

Namely, strangers coming up to you and doing everything to get into your social circle.

Learn How:

Secret Agent Persuasion

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