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How do you motivate people?

When we think of the term, "motivational speaker" we imagine somebody like Tony Robbins.

Somebody who is larger that life (literally, lol) and speaking with massive enthusiasm and charisma.

Maybe they've got a couple of giant screens up on stage, so the people in the cheap seats can see.

The image is much like a rock concert.

So when we think of motivating people as individuals, it seems kind of intimidating.

Like we have to stand up, use a lot of charismatic gestures, speak from the heart, AND have a lot of decent material.

After all, when you go see a Tony Robbins "concert" you kind of just sit there.

Similarly, when we think of motivating people on a one-to-one level, we imagine THEY are going to do the listening, and WE are going to do the talking.

It IS possible, make no mistake.

But it's VERY difficult.

It takes a LOT of energy and enthusiasm.

Luckily, there is a MUCH easier way.

And that much easier way is also much more effective.

The only drawback is it can ONLY be done in a one-on-one setting.

So if you DO want to become a motivational speaker (from the stage), you'll need to keep working on your stage game.

But one-on-one, it's INSANELY easy.

Not only that, but this one-on-one technique will affect YOUR listener much more than if they went to a Tony Robbins concert.


Because speaking from the stage REQUIRES you use a lot of vague stories and statements.

So they can impact EVERYBODY.

So they get EVERYBODY worked up to the same level.

Only problem that same level is also pretty vague.

But in a one on one setting, you can get them EXTREMELY motivated to do VERY SPECIFIC things.

And the more specific their motivation, the LONGER they'll stay their mind.

How do you do it?

When speaking from the stage, you have to hit as many of their buttons as you can.

But more importantly, it's an "outside-in" structure.

The ideas are coming FROM the stage and going INTO their brains.

But in a one-on-one setting, it's the OPPOSITE.

You find the deep desires that are already INSIDE their brain, and pull them out.

And because all of the information is coming from THEM, you don't really need to have ANY stories or content.

You just gotta be able to ask the right questions in the right order.

Another cool thing is that you'll be getting them talking about, and excited about, things they have maybe NEVER talked about before.

So not only can you get them more motivated than EVER, but they'll remember YOU as being one of the most amazing people they've ever met.

WAY more powerful than any super-guru up on a stage.

Learn How:

Secret Agent Persuasion

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