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Respecting other's view of the world even if you don't agree

Skylar Lake

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Here's an NLP presupposition that would greatly assist many in the world and teach tolerance.



RESPECT for the other person’s model of the world


We don't all believe or think the same way, but when you try to see the other person's point of view and agree they have the right to believe/think as they do (assuming it's not harmful to other humans or living creatures), then we make great strides toward our own growth.  Being able to coexist in the world with others of varied religions, cultures and beliefs is essential in our faster than light, internet age where people from all over can meet and congregate in online forums and offline communities.  You don't have to agree with others in order to respect their right to have those beliefs.


This NLP presupposition does much for teaching tolerance as beliefs are often based on experience and upbringing, rather than cold hard facts or logic.




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Guest Beverly

People can be so judgmental, especially of other groups or organizations to which they don't belong.  But, the main point is to develop tolerance for others.  When  you have tolerance for what others believe, you can easily live with them in a community without conflict.  This is especially important in a diverse culture.

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I am six years too late for this party.  It would have been great to join this discussion.

I would have liked to explore with another how different opinions on a topic come about in the first place.  Two diametrically opposed opinions can’t be both completely right nor wrong.

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