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The idea of a mouse going through a maze looking for cheese is a pretty useful metaphor.

It's also in a bunch of science fiction movies about brains and intelligence.

The quicker the mouse goes through the maze, the smarter it is.

Mice and cheese, aside from the maze, are also useful metaphors.

The mouse is the actor, and will do anything to get the cheese, that which the actor desires.

Another ubiquitous metaphor is the carrot and the stick.

But this is slightly different.

Mouse and cheese metaphors usually involve the mouse actually getting the cheese. 

But the carrot and the stick implies that the horse or donkey will NEVER get the carrot.

That's the whole point.

The animal is so "dumb" that it will keep going after that carrot even though it never gets closer.

Both, however, are metaphors used to describe a very common theme.

And that is motivating people to do things.

And they are things they don't do on their own.

Otherwise they'd be doing them.

You might say this is one of the oldest problems facing humans.

Getting other humans to do things that they aren't doing.

The better you can do this, the more stuff you'll get.

Imagine a spectrum of persuasive ability.

On one end, nobody listens to you, let alone takes your advice.

That would clearly suck.

On the other end, you have magic power to get people to willingly do whatever you want.

No begrudgingly, but gleefully. Happily.

As if you didn't convince them to do it, you covertly persuaded them to WANT to do it.

And not for your reasons, but for THEIR reasons.

Think about getting a massage from somebody.

It's one thing to pay somebody to give you a massage.

But it's a completely different feeling when somebody WANTS to give you a massage. 

They ENJOY giving you pleasure.

Same physical experiences, but just IMAGINING different intentions in the actors, the feeling is completely different.

How, exactly, do you get people to do that?

Everybody has their own internal "carrots."

And when you get them talking about them, and expand them and pull them out, they will NATURALLY move toward them.

And unlike the poor horse who NEVER gets the carrot, they will get theirs.

Because you can associate THEIR carrot (which is their deepest desires) to whatever you want.

(Like YOU, for example).

And then just sit back and watch them go after it.

And get it.

Learn How:

Secret Agent Persuasion

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