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How To Lead A Horse To Drink


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Supposedly, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

What does this mean exactly?

It's one of those sayings that sounds pretty true, and is vague enough to use in many different situations.

It's also easy to visualize. A horse standing before some water, and not drinking.

It's also easy to imagine trying to push the horse's head down toward the water, but the horse resisting.

Because a horse's neck is probably a lot stronger than your arm (or both of them) you probably wouldn't even bother the horse, let alone get him to even think about drinking.

When do we use this "truism?"

Whenever we get kind of "halfway" to convincing somebody of something.

We get the idea in front of them, but they won't bite.

Luckily, people aren't horses.

You can actually talk to people.

And when you "lead people" to certain ideas, you don't do it the same way you "lead" a horse.

In fact, YOU aren't doing the leading at all.

When you lead a horse, the horse is physically following you.

You know it, the horse knows it.

But when "you" lead people, it's not really YOU that's doing it.

It's their own ideas.

And by carefully lining up their own ideas (which come out of their own heads) you can "lead" people to do pretty much anything you want.

Consider another way to "lead" a horse as a metaphor. 

Instead of just pulling on the rope, so the horse just mindlessly follows, imagine putting horse-snacks on the ground in front of him.

And these horse-snacks were both delicious and salty.

And by placing them strategically, you really COULD not only to lead him to water, but also make him drink.

Because he would be thirsty.

AND drinking the water would be natural, since he was eating all those salty horse-snacks.

The same thing goes with people.

Only with people, you can get some pretty fantastic ideas out of their minds, and lead them to some pretty fantastic conclusions.

And it will ALWAYS be their idea.

Learn How:

Secret Agent Persuasion

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