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How To Mix Their Ideas


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Combinations can be pretty cool.

When I was in High School I worked at a pizza place.

People would get some pretty interesting combinations.

Some things go pretty well together.

Pineapple and ham. Mushroom and onion. Pepperoni and sausage.

Other things aren't such a good idea.

In chemistry lab our teacher had us work with two different chemicals.

He said that under no circumstances should we mix them together.

Me, being always curious, took that as a cue to mix them just to see what would happen.

And what happened was I got kicked out of class by a very angry chemistry teacher.

There are a couple of ideas that everybody has heard.

Which means when we hear them we tend to just nod our heads without much thought.

But when you fully understand these two concepts, AND combine them, they have an extraordinary amount of persuasive power.

The first is, "That which we resist, persists."

The more you try to keep something from happening, the more likely it's going to happen.

The more you fight against something, the stronger it gets.

The second universally known "truism" is "You can get anybody to do anything so long as you convince them it's their idea."

This makes sense, of course, because everybody always does things for their own reason.

The foundation of covert hypnosis is speaking in purposely vague language so that the other person has to fill in the blanks with their own content.

So it will always FEEL like their idea.

But what if you don't want to spend a lot of time learning all the language patterns of covert hypnosis?

Luckily, there is a VERY EASY way to get them thinking in terms of THEIR idea.

But you have to observe the first rule with IRON CLAD secrecy.

Surprisingly, the hardest part is letting THEM take all the credit for the awesome idea you just carefully let them decide.

See, there's a small part of us that is DYING to be "included" in every conversation.

A tiny little, "me too!" voice that wants to participate.

That part of us that wants to tell the other person what an AWESOME idea they have.

Since it's really YOUR idea, that you carefully led them to, part of you is going to WANT to remind them of that.

That is the part they will resist.

It's almost like letting somebody win, when they HAVE to believe they really won.

If you can keep that secret, you can get anybody to do anything.

Learn How:

Secret Agent Persuasion

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