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What is "game?"

Does somebody who is a stone cold "natural" use game?

Think of somebody who is a natural with music. Maybe they play the piano really well, but they play totally by ear.

They can listen to any piece and the reproduce it perfectly.

But since they don't know ANYTHING about music theory, scales, notes, chord progressions, are they a musician?

Compare that to somebody who studied both how to play and the deep theories of music.

The natural plays, but he doesn't really know what he's doing. So if he had any problems, he wouldn't know what to do.

Similarly, people who are naturals with women tend to do pretty well without knowing what they are doing. 

Which means if they want to create attraction in a specific girl, and it doesn't work, they have NO IDEA what to do.

In fact, this is the theme of almost any movie about a natural player.

He seduces every woman he meets, but they mean nothing.

The only one that matters is the one he CAN'T seduce.

And in order to get HER, he has to "change his ways" and become the typical Hollywood beta.

Since most people are beta (simply by pure mathematical definition) Hollywood has to appeal to the broadest market possible.

But what about in real life?

Is it better to be a natural, or somebody who KNOWS how to create deep feelings of attraction and desire in almost any women they meet?

If you're NOT a natural, then the choice is already made.

The good news is that by learning about the DEEP STRUCTURE of communication, and how it REALLY WORKS, you can GET TO natural levels of seduction.

And if you ever run into trouble (e.g. a particular girl needs more work) you can RE-CALIBRATE your communication. 

Since you KNOW how it works.

If you DON'T know, it's pretty easy to learn the powerful structure.

Once you do, everything will seem a lot easier.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Seduction


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