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There's one simple mind frame that will make a TON of difference when it comes to getting girls interested in you.

When most guys "chase" girls, the girl KNOWS they are being chased.

When a guy walks up to a girl in a bar, unless she's just woken up from a thousand year hibernation, she KNOWS what he wants.

Especially when he does more or less the same thing every other horny guy does.

Try any kind of PUA technology, buy her drinks, try to make small talk, etc.

Which means that even if she's INTO you, she'll also ENJOY being chased by you.

Most girls LOVE the idea of BEING CHASED by a guy they LIKE to be chased by.

Some of them even like being chased by guys they aren't really into.

After all, that gives them a pretty good self-esteem boost.

The simple mind frame is to make HER into you AND at the same time, WONDERING if you're into her.

This means you have to simultaneously talk to her in a way that will increase attraction without her even suspecting you are trying to increase attraction.

This is pretty tricky.

Especially if you're hoping that one or two "lines" will get her interested in you.

But if you can speak to her in a certain way, a way that makes her slightly confused, and at the same time, slightly attracted, she won't be sure what's going on.

You'll be telling her simple stories. And more simple stories inside those simple stories.

Stories that are designed to create attraction on a DEEP level.

On the surface, it will seem like you are talking about ANYTHING BUT attraction.

But when you're finished, she won't be able to get her mind off you.

And she WON'T know why.

She'll THINK it was HER idea.

So long as you play it cool, and let her chase you, she'll do all the work.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Seduction

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