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She'll Think of Her Own Reasons


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One of the easiest ways to sneak any idea into anybody's mind is put it in hypothetical language.

There are many ways to do this.

One is by using the second conditional.

This uses the past tense and "would" or "could."

Whenever we hear the second conditional, we subconsciously understand it's just a hypothetical question.

For example, just taking a standard compliment (you're beautiful) and putting it into the second conditional makes it MUCH HARDER to process.

Try this out for yourself to see what I mean.

Walk up to an attractive woman, and give her a blatant compliment.

"You are beautiful."

See what she ways. She might blush, she might say thank you, she might call the cops.

Maybe you could try it on five to ten women to get an average.

Then put it in the second conditional.

"If I told you that you were beautiful, what would you say?"

This is ALMOST a compliment, but not quite.

If you tried this on five different women, you'd get a much better response than if you just said it flat out.

Just this simple linguistic "trick" is enough to get her mind spinning.

Imagine what you could do when you use ALL of your communication like this.

Because the second conditional is just one of MANY techniques to get her feeling emotions, but not quite sure why.

One simple statement won't do much. And she'll have a good idea that it's a "line" since it really IS a line.

But when you speak to her for several minutes like that, using all kinds of different techniques, it will add up to something amazing.

She'll be feeling emotions that add up to attraction, but she won't be quite sure why.

AND she'll be looking at you the whole time.

And since our brains HAVE to have a reason for everything, she'll come up with HER OWN REASONS why she's looking at YOU and feeling attraction.

And once that happens, she'll NEVER get you out of her mind.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Seduction

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