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How To Guarantee Her Attraction


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What's the easiest way to get a girl to like you?

This technique will work every time.

But it only works if it's the FIRST thing she sees you do.

The reason it works so well is few guys can pull it off.

It's not complicated, but for many guys it is nearly impossible.

Most guys are too busy coming up with clever lines and techniques.

Or spending hours a day online trying to interpret and decipher her signals.

Or maybe hours a day in the gym hoping a chiseled body will get them "noticed."

So, what's the "trick?"

The method that will virtually GURANTEE most girls will be attracted to you?

Walk up and start talking to them.

Right off the bat.

But not with an attitude of "I hope you like me."

An attitude of, "Hey, you're pretty cute, what's your personality like?"

If you are confident enough to walk over (most guys aren't) and you're relaxed enough to have a NORMAL conversation (most guys aren't), she'll make a LOT of assumptions about you.

Since you're confident and you're not treating her like a queen BEFORE you even talk to her, she's going to ASSUME you've got a lot of girls waiting for you.

Either literally or metaphorically.

In her experience with guys, ONLY the guys who have a lot of experience talk to girls like they are no big deal.

But since you'll be talking to her in a relaxed, confident way, she'll assume something else about you.

You aren't too interested in having sex.

At least not until you get to know her.

This will make her CRAZY for you.

Just this simple attitude, and only a few minutes will do everything.

Authority, social proof, all taken care of.

Most guys NEVER get to this level.

They believe you need to approach a ton of girls before you get to his level of confidence.

But in reality, there is a shortcut.

All it takes is your daily NORMAL experience, and your creative imagination.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

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