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How To Feel Sexual Abundance


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There's a saying in horse racing.

"You can beat the race, but you can't beat the races."

Meaning you might get lucky once in a while, or you may get some inside info, but generally speaking, in the long run, you'll lose money.

The more you play any legal gambling game, the more likely you'll lose.

The house usually wins in the end.

Otherwise, they'd go out of business.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) women are the OPPOSITE.

Meaning it's pretty easy to win with women in general.

Problem is many guys have their sites set on ONE WOMAN.

When a woman makes up her mind that she DOESN'T like you, it's kind of tough to turn it around.

Especially when you consider the economics involved.

Sure, it IS possible.

But it will take a LOT of time and effort.

And with that SAME time and effort, you could get a LOT more and a lot BETTER women.

The problem lies with our caveman brains.

Our caveman brains still think we live in a hunter-gatherer society.

When we really do only have a chance with ONE woman.

In those days (when you lived with the same tribe your entire life) it made PERFECT SENSE to spend your whole life chasing one girl.

Today it's nearly idiotic, from a purely objective standpoint.

How do you overcome that "one-itis?"

You have to FORCE yourself to look for other women.

To get better with other women.

Because as soon as you find a woman that's into you, your caveman brain will absolutely FORGET about the previous one.

The trick is to see women as things to enjoy.

To get into the habit of playfully interacting with ALL the women you encounter, JUST to have fun.

Then you'll start to FEEL the massive abundance that is REALLY out there.

And nothing obliterates any fear or anxiety than the feeling of REALITY BASED sexual abundance.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

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