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Many things in life are the OPPOSITE of what we think they are.

Rumi, and ancient Sufi poet knew this.

In one of his poems, he talked about how backward we humans are.

We think we're going into the cool water when we're really going into the fire.

We think we're going into the fire when it really turns out to be cool water.

What the heck does this mean?

Plenty of guys spend their entire lives chasing ONE woman.

When they SHOULD be chasing WOMEN.

Because women, collectively, are easy.

Any particular WOMAN can be IMPOSSIBLE.

The truth is that once she's made up her mind, there's not much you can do to change it.

But the solution is the EASIEST thing you can ever do.

And the hardest at the same time.

Therein lies the paradox.

Sometimes men refer to women as "branch swinging monkeys."

Meaning they are in relationships while they are starting the next one.

They're afraid to "let go" of one branch before they grab on to another.

So in effect, they are cheating on both guys at the same time.

These types of girls spend their lives oscillating between monogamy (when they are satisfied) and cheating (when they are transitioning to another dude).

Buy guys are the SAME WAY, but in a different ways.

Guys refuse to LET GO of a women.

Even though she's forgotten him.

They refuse to LET GO until they FEEL the same way about another girl.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work NEARLY as well for guys as it does for girls.

Because dating is largely a sellers market (from the ladies' standpoint) we guys are at a disadvantage.

At least, if we play it like branch swinging monkeys.

But if we LET GO, then it's WAY EASIER.

Because paradoxically, the ONE THING that can make a guy ULTRA ATTRACTIVE is his ability to DISQUALIFY a girl, even when she's attracted.

Most guys are TERRIFIED of doing this.

Most guys would NEVER let a girl go UNTIL he has another.

But the BEST WAY to ensure you have PLENTY of girls ready to go is to RELEASE the need for any ONE girl.

After all, this is the natural way of male energy.

Men are hunters.

Women are gatherers.

Men are hard wired to HUNT WEALTH.

Women are hard wired to gather and follow.

The reasons so many ladies are angry today is the world is FILLED with dudes who have forgotten to BE MEN.

Men are trying to "branch swing" just like women.

They are sitting around "hoping" for that "one girl" to like him back.

This is the LEAST ATTRACTIVE thing you can do.

What is the MOST attractive?

Become a hunter.

Learn How:

Zero Fear Game

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