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The Myth Of Pick Up Lines


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A very common idea is that if you ONLY know what to "say" to a girl, everything will be fine.

Since the dawn of time, guys have been searching for the magic pick up lines that will unlock her golden gates of heaven.

"Just tell me what to say," they ask.

"I just need to know what to tell her to make her interested," they request.

But here's the thing.

That "idea" that you need to "say" the right thing is a FALSE idea.

Sure, some things you say are better than others.

If you walk up and give her a genuine compliment, it would probably work better than if you walk up and say, "Grilled bacon and cheese!"

But the whole idea of thinking you NEED to KNOW what to say misses the point.

What is the point?

Man's greatest fear when talking to an attractive woman is getting STUCK.

Of freezing up.

Whenever a guy walks up to a girl, he feels as if EVERYBODY is watching.

She's watching, her friends are watching, everybody else on EARTH is watching.

Further, they imagine they have to PERFORM for her.

Even some of the most popular seduction products and seminars are based around PERFORMING for her.

Doing things to IMPRESS her.

Like you're a clown juggling bowling ball pins in front of the queen.

This only addresses the SURFACE STRUCTURE of your communication.

And no matter HOW MANY surface structure "techniques" you learn, she may come up with something that can effectively DEFEND against it.

Even if you use them with extreme congruence, she is going to TEST YOU to make sure you're just has a well-practiced PUA.

She'll even do this without knowing.

Which is why any SURFACE STRUCTURE tactics (words, techniques, openers, etc.) are temporary.

Suppose she really falls in love with you. 

Pretty soon you're going to run out of material, and she'll get to know the REAL YOU.

Why not cut to the chase?

Get rid of the need for surface structure junk in the first place?

How do you do that?

By ejecting all those false fears that make you THINK you need the "right thing to say."

When you have ZERO FEAR of any woman, or any interaction with any woman, it doesn't matter WHAT you say.

Just walk up and start talking.

If you have ZERO FEAR, you won't feel the need to impress her.

You won't feel the need to "say the magic words in the right order."

You won't be worried if nobody talks. You'll just be enjoying her.

(SHE'LL be super nervous, though!)

How do you EJECT all fear?

Here's How:

Zero Fear Game

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