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Why are some people luckier than others?

To understand, we need to define what kind of luck we're talking about.

If ten people are looking for one hidden item (at a party or whatever) whoever finds it will be "lucky."

And if you repeat this "experiment" a kajillion times, the number of "lucky" people will average out, so long as some people aren't better "lookers" than others.

But what about the kind of luck that involves catching lucky breaks?

There's a pretty common idea of actors getting "discovered" in Hollywood were just minding their own business.

But is that the way it REALLY went down?

It's kind of hard to get discovered if your job is working in the middle of a huge cornfield.

It's probably no accident that those "lucky" actors that got "discovered" were already in Hollywood working in places where they could increase the probability they would get "discovered."

So there ARE ways to increase these "lucky" incidents.

Imagine some actor who got "discovered." 

They weren't chosen just how they looked.

They also got chosen because of how they behaved. The way the producers (or directors or whoever) took the way they WERE behaving, and imagined them behaving slightly differently in whatever movie they were making.

On a much broader scale, if you want to "get the breaks" you need to make sure people see YOU as a potential person to GET the breaks.

If you walk around with your hands in your pockets staring at the ground, you'll get passed over.

If you walk with your shoulders back, and smile and make eye contact with as many people as you can, you'll INCREASE your odds.

When hiring people for jobs, even technical jobs, one KEY element employers look for is how well you get along with others.

Most problems we have will involve others.

Either the "others" we are having problems with, or the "others" we'll need help from in solving the problems.

The more easily you can put a positive "spin" on YOURSELF, the easier it will be WHENEVER you interact with others.

Even better if you just be "yourself" if your true self is positive, friendly and can enjoy interacting with others when needed.

Luckily, doing this from the inside out is pretty easy.

Learn How:

Stop Manipulation

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