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Some skills are easy to practice, while others not so much.

For some skills, we don't even think of them in terms of "skills" or "practicing."

Imagine if a high school basketball team felt this way.

They only played basketball when they had a game.

Not even for warm ups.

Clearly, so long as these were normal kids (and not genetically engineered mutants) they would suck.

Most people realize that to be good in things like basketball, you need to practice.

But for some reason, we look at other skills, and put them in binary categories.

Things we can do, and things we can't do.

But ANYTHING can be thought of as a skill.

Just thinking of it as a skill can get it out of the binary category (can do or can't do) and puts it on a sliding scale.

Once you've got that out of they way, all you need to do is practice.

This isn't always so easy.

Take public speaking for example, most people believe that the ONLY way to practice public speaking is to practice public speaking.

Luckily, this is far from being true.

Because there are a LOT of components that go into public speaking.

Curiously, the MOST IMPORTANT component is usually only glossed over.

If you pick up any book on public speaking, they'll have all kinds of tips on how and when to look at the audience, when and how to use gestures, how to make your points, etc.

But nothing on the most IMPORTANT part.

That same part that is also the most important part of every other communication skill.

That part that will take care of the rest of the other parts (the outer mechanics) naturally.

Which part is this?

The part commonly referred to as "inner game."

IF you feel flamboyantly confident, you won't need to "learn" how to "publicly speak."

It will come naturally.

In fact, trying to learn the "outer game stuff" like gestures and words and eye contact, is kind of putting the cart before the horse.

The "horse" which is the inner driver of all behavior, is your inner game.

And luckily, there are PLENTY of ways to build up STRONG inner game.

Many of them you can do all on your own, so nobody will know anything.

Until YOU'VE got the strongest inner game around.

Learn How:

Stop Manipulation

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