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Two Essential Rules of Influence


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Dale Carnegie was a super hero in his day.

His most famous book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is what he's known for.

But at the time, he had a huge teaching business.

In fact, his interactions through his teaching business is how he learned all those rules.

The seminars he ran were self confidence through public speaking.

You can still take them today. Twelve weeks of intense confidence building through public speaking.

If you've read the book, (or seen one of the many infographics summarizing the principles), they you know it's not a bunch of metaphysical hooey.

It's common sense, "people logic" that actually works.

There's a lot of overlap in his principles and the research of Dr. Cialdini.

Cialdini is the guy who INVENTED things like "authority," "social proof," and all those other terms that people throw around without really understanding.

Even more impressive, Cialdini didn't invent them in an academic ivory tower like a lot of other psychological mumbo jumbo.

He actually went out with his team and did a lot of "field testing."

Proper scientific type experiments (repeating tests, removing as many variables as possible) just to make sure he knew what was really happening.

And savvy advertisers have been applying those same principles to increase sales by millions of dollars a year.

Cialdini's angle is that persuasion isn't an art, it's a science.

If you mix the same two chemicals in the same way, you'll get the same result every time.

And if you apply the same persuasion techniques in the right way, you'll get the same result.

One of Carnegie's most powerful idea is that you can get anybody to do ANYTHING, so long as it satisfies two very important criteria.

The first is they have to do it for THEIR reasons. If you are trying to persuade somebody to do something because of what YOU think, you are breaking this important rule.

The second is that they have to think it was THEIR idea. So if they even SUSPECT you are trying to influence them, then this rule is broken as well.

If you adhere to these two very simple and very powerful rules, it's very easy.

If you break either of both of them, then it's just a numbers game, and a low probability one at that.

So, the billion dollar question.

HOW, exactly do you follow those two rules?

How can you communicate to somebody so they do what YOU want for their reasons AND believe it was THEIR idea?

Like This:

Hypnotic Sales

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