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Body language to let him know that I'm interested

Skylar Lake

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Can you give me advice on what body language that I should be using to let a guy know that I'm interested?  I don't consider myself to be a very aggressive person when it comes to dating and sometimes waiting for the guy to get the idea that I like him is very tiresome.  I feel very shy about saying this.  Should I be trying to show a certain body language or is this manipulative? 

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Guest Beverly

Mirroring is an important body language indicator that shows you are interested in him.  And, most times, when a woman is interested in the man she will mimic his behavior in some way or he will mimic hers.  For instance, if the woman fusses with her hair, the man might instinctively reach up to fix his own hair.  This mirroring is a subliminal thing that happens when real interest occurs.  If you notice that you are doing this, then it's a good sign as you are already sending signals to him.


Eye contact is another important factor.  If you are interested you will likely be looking at him anyway.  Also, smiling helps.  If you feel good about his presence, you are likely smiling a lot.  All these are important indicators of your level of interest in the other person. 

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