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The Banana Up The Tree


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Energy has always been a problem for all living creatures.

Even small single cells have to worry about the energy they consume, and they energy they spend.

Of course, they don't actually "worry."

It's more or less programmed into their genetics.

The same way a monkey gets a certain feeling when he looks up at a banana.

If the banana is worth only 200 calories, but it will take 300 calories to get it, the monkey won't get a good "feeling." 

He'll get a "that banana is too high" feeling.

Humans are more or less the same way.

But the difference with us humans is our brains are WAY more complicated.

So when we think of getting something, most of the "feelings" we get "either good or bad" are wholly IRRATIONAL.

Also, we rarely think in terms of calories.

Instead we think in terms of money, which is the same thing, namely stored energy, but in a VERY complex form.

So here we are with our complex brains filled with complicated ideas (most of them false) trying to estimate how hard or easy it will be to get some "energy" (in the form of highly complex "money"), and it's no wonder we get confused.

We're using a lot of HALLUCINATIONS to think of getting complex money-energy (a hallucination itself) which is represented by PAPER.

Even if you REMOVE this "hallucinated money-energy" from the equation, just thinking about interacting with other HALLUCINATING entities (other people) is pretty confusing.

Just walking up to somebody with the intention of making them smile and appreciate you is pretty scary for most of us.

Luckily, we ALL have an internal "energy" source that can POWER THROUGH most of the junk.

Kind of like those guys in those jungle movies use machetes to hack their way through the brush.

This energy can act like a LIGHT, a purifying source that will blast away all the false reality that keeps us stuck.

Kind of like stumbling around in your garage in the dark, vs. opening up the garage door and letting in the sunlight.

When you learn to RADIATE this energy, EVERYTHING will be much simpler, and much easier.

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Sex Transmutation


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