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Alexander the Great was one of the world's top conquerors.

Going by actual square miles conquered, he's in the top ten.

Genghis Khan is number one.

If the Earth were to enter a BAMF contest with other planets of humanoids, I think Genghis would be a pretty good representative.

Born as a peasant, parents killed by raiders, he rose to control huge armies and left a long lineage.

One out of every eight Asians has Uncle Genghis in their DNA.

Alexander was another story.

He came from royal blood. His father was king of Macedonia.

But his "team" was one of the best.

Since they all came from Greece, they'd been fighting each other for a while.

So when he united them, (or finished up what his father had started) he had a LOT of talent.

One of the reason they were undefeated in battle was their flexibility.

Alexander was like a QB on a team that could do ANYTHING.

Running game, short passing game, long bombs, no huddle offense.

And the other teams they played (usually the Persians, since they'd conquered most of the places Alexander re-conquered) had a simple game.

Like an up the middle running game.

Most people if they were in Genghis' shoes (parents killed, dirt poor) would have given up.

Some people say that Alexander was "lucky" since he inherited his father's kingdom, and had a collection of the best armies on Earth.

But in reality, there is only us, and the hands we are dealt.

Genghis had a lot less, and turned it into near world domination.

Alexander started way ahead, but in reality, most (nearly half according to historians) of the places he "conquered" just switched flags when he and his boys showed up.

New boss, old boss, same difference, they said.

We can't control the life we've given.

But we CAN control what we do with it.

Genghis literally had NOTHING.

But he build a world empire, one that frightened even the mightiest kings and armies of Europe.

What empire will YOU build?

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