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There's an idea in economics and investing about money flow.

It's not that main stream, so you won't hear about it on the news.

But it's the idea that instead of the amount of money being the driving force in any given system (money supply, banks, actual size in GDP of an economy, etc.) that the flow is much more important.

It's usually talked about how the Fed raising or lowering interest rates effects the stock market.

Most believe it's the actual number, but a minority of economists believe it's the CHANGE in the number, not the final setting.

It's easier to think of this in personal terms.

Most people like the idea of having a ton of money in the bank.

People feel that if they "had" a couple million, for example, everything would be "good."

But consider that the "flow" of money might be more important than the amount of money.

If you had two million for example, how long would that last?

If you didn't get any interest, you could spend 40K a year for fifty years, and then it would be gone.

For many people, that would be IDEAL.

A dream come true.

Trouble is it's like being hungry, and thinking that EVERYTHING is delicious.

On the other hand, if you aren't really hungry, it's easy to have trouble choosing.

Once you get used the idea of ONLY having 40K a year, that "dream come true" might turn into a trap.

Once all of your money fears were gone, (you had 40K a year for 50 years) you'd start having money WANTS.

Wants that you couldn't achieve, because 40K a year, while keeping your rent paid, you and your family well-fed and out of trouble, wouldn't exactly let you live the high life.

Consider an alternative.

That instead of seeking a certain amount, seek a certain flow.

A consistent flow of money into your account.

A flow that YOU can control.

Clearly, this isn't easy. This does take quite a bit of work.

Which is why so few people can achieve this.

But even the ATTEMPT will make you feel alive.

On purpose.

Continuously striving forward, increasing your skills, learning more about the world and yourself.

After all, I don't believe we humans were put here to "just" get our needs met so we could "be comfortable."

We were put here to THRIVE.

So Start Thriving:

Entrepreneurial Mind

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