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All humans are natural entrepreneurs.

What does this mean?

Every time you think of doing something a little differently, you are using your entrepreneurial mind.

Essentially, it's a matter of thinking of what you want, and looking around at your resources, and taking a quick inventory of your skills, and coming up with the most efficient way of making it happen.

Often times we do this automatically and instinctively.

Like if you're eating dinner with your friends, and you start to clear the table. As you're continuing the conversation, you're walking from the table to the kitchen.

When you drop off the dishes into the sink, you're coming back to get more.

What's on your mind? 

Consciously, whatever it is you're talking about.

But unconsciously, there's a LOT more going on.

You remember where the dishes are in the sink. You take an instant snapshot of the table and calculate the minimum amount of trips while simultaneously minimizing the chance of dropping something.

If you have a job that is anything other than following a strict set of steps, you do this all day long.

You consider what needs to be done, you figure out the best way to do it that will both maximize output while minimizing input.

What's the difference between an entrepreneur who uses her natural ability to just live life, and entrepreneurs to take this skill to the next level, and get paid?

It all has to do with the outcome.

Clearing dishes, working on an assembly line, delivering packages, these all are pre-set outcomes.

More importantly, outcomes that somebody ELSE has chosen.

(or the situation, as in the dishes example).

Entrepreneurs that get paid create their OWN outcomes.

But they solve the SAME set of problems as assembly line workers and package deliverers.

The problem is the INFINITE needs of other humans.

Figure out way to solve people's problems, and get paid.

You can get paid working for somebody else, or working for yourself.

Or a combination of both.

Just take what you do naturally, and think of different ways to apply it.

Learn How:

Entrepreneurial Mind

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