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One thing that trips humans up is our over-sensitivity to fear.

This, of course, was useful back in the day when we had to chase our food and we are also being chased.

But nowadays, our environment is much safer physically.

But that fear instinct is still there.

And it pops up in the strangest of places.

One of them is that "negative" news sells much more than "positive" news.

Anything negative gets a much stronger reaction.

Stronger reactions tend to make us more willing to be responsive to the ads they show in between, next to, and smack dab in the middle of those "negative" news stories.

Our fear instinct also makes us worried about things FAR MORE than their statistical probability.

One common theme that has been around since civilization is the idea of the "end of time."

No matter how far back you go in history, you'll find evidence that they (whoever THEY were, and whenever THEY lived) thought that the world was JUST ABOUT to end.

Funny thing is, looking at history through their own understanding of science and technology, it DID seem like it was going to end.

But the end never came.

At least not yet!

Back in the 1800, they actually believed that they'd pretty much discovered everything they could discover in "science."

They figured everything else was just "details."

But here we are, over a hundred years later, still chugging along.

Sure, we've got plenty of problems.

But just like the news, you can CHOOSE to focus on negative stuff, or you can CHOOSE to focus on positive stuff.

One thing that is JUST as true today as it was a thousand years ago, is people need stuff.

People want stuff.

Not just basic stuff, ALL KINDS of stuff.

About ten years ago, a guy had a bright idea of strapping a camera to your head.

Cameras existed. Things that went around your head existed (I think they call them "hats").

But he put them together, and now he is a kajillionaire.

All it takes is a SIMPLE idea, and you can become a millionaire.

Sure, it takes a lot of trial and error.

I'm sure the dude who invented the GoPro probably had a few ideas that fell flat, but he kept trying.

But he certainly didn't need an advanced degree in science, or even business.

Just an idea and a willingness to play around.

This is has been the secret of human progress since the dawn of time.

Simple people with simple ideas that turned into fortunes.

Get In The Game:

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