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Small Steps and Lifetime Journeys


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One of the reasons we love time travel movies is because hindsight is 20-20.

Meaning look back over our lives, it's pretty obvious what we SHOULD have done.

If ONLY we could go back and try again.

One ways this always shows up is financially.

There's always some element of "knowing" ahead of time which stock is going to go up, or which sports team is going to win.

On the flip side, there's some kind of magic or scientific method of predicting the future.

For the same reason, to see which sports team would win or which stocks would go up.

Plenty of movies, books, and TV shows have been made about both.

Why are these so prevalent?

Because KNOWING the future (either before it happens or going back before it's happened) is something we all CRAVE but equally know is impossible.

Why do we crave it?

Because we all make mistakes.

Because we all abhor risk.

Yet they are two things we can't escape.

Sure, we can try. But the more we minimize risk, or any chance of mistakes, the more we try and maximize our safety, the less likely we'll get anything good.

Since most people play it safe, simply by playing it safe we'll get the same thing most people get.

An average life, with average income, and average everything.

Which isn't that exciting.

Are there only two options?

Terrifying risks or boring safety?


If you try to plan too far ahead, you increase the amount of risk and likelihood of mistakes.

But if you only plan a week or so ahead of time, you'll have much more control.

The only requirement is you know WHICH DIRECTION you're going in.

Increased income, increased health, etc.

So long as you keep the direction clear, and focus only a week or two ahead of time, you'll get the best of both worlds.

You'll always be moving forward, but you'll also be minimizing the amount of risk and uncertainty.

And since you'll ALWAYS be moving forward, your life will continue to improve.

You don't need to take great leaps, only small steps.

The small steps you take today will add up to a lifetime journey.

Get Started:

End Self Sabotage

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