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Are You Gambling With Life?


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If you live in the states then you've heard of "March Madness."

A yearly college basketball tournament.

It's a big event in offices. People choose randomly, choose favorites, and make "bets" in all kinds of different ways.

Going as far back as you can in human history, gambling of some sort has always been around.

One of the reasons people like it is because there is a CHANCE that you can get "something" for nothing.

You put fifty bucks on some wager (color, team, number, etc) and by "magic" that fifty bucks can turn into a hundred or even more.

And if you've ever gambled and WON, you know what a "rush" it can be.

So much that plenty of people get addicted.

They end up losing everything.

All because they were chasing that magical "feeling" where "something" turned into "more."

All beyond their control.

As if the gods of luck smiled upon them.

It sure is a wonderful feeling to suddenly "get" something just "because."

Unfortunately, many people plan their lives like that.

Sure, they don't think they're "gambling." They are waiting for a "break" or an "opportunity" to present itself.

But unless they go out and actively FIND an opportunity or MAKE the breaks happen, they're still hoping for "luck."

Most people spend their lives wishing for something better, but never really DO anything differently.

But those who consistently MAKE things happen know the secret.

That if you wait for something or somebody to "give you" and opportunity, you'll be waiting a long time.

And that "waiting room" is very crowded.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future.

That's one of the reasons things like March Madness office pools are exciting.

But it's also the same reason people sit around their entire lives WAITING.

Taking action, when you're NOT SURE what will happen, is scary.

So they'd rather wait. Or pretend they are waiting. When in reality they are playing it safe.

But you don't need to take huge risks.

Not even small ones.

You only need to make very tiny, very consistent moves.

SLOWLY push your comfort zone in different directions.

Instead of putting it all on black (or red or double zero), just do ONE SMALL THING differently each day.

Just to see what will happen. Just to get feedback.

This are the daily activities that build magnificent lives.

The biggest gamble is NOT doing this.

Waiting for "something" to come along.

Because EVERYBDOY is waiting, that "something" is out there.

Waiting for you.

Get it.

Learn More:

End Self Sabotage

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