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There're a lot of angles people use when making time travel stories.

One of the goofiest was in one of the "Bill and Ted" movies.

They were standing there and they'd forgotten their keys. 

One of them said, "Hey, why don't we go back in time, hide our keys in this bush, and then com back to now!" 

Then the other guy looked under the bush and the keys were there waiting.

Then there was a Simpson's episode where they had a toaster that was also a time travel device.

The gag was they were riffing on one of Ray Bradbury's famous stories (the same one they copied for the movie "The Butterfly Effect.")

Every time they went back in time and returned, something was a bit off.

They decided to stop when although they all had tongues like lizards, it would rain donuts.

They figured that was a decent trade-off.

There're also a lot of time travel techniques in hypnosis.

One is you imagine going out into your future, and placing things you'll later discover.

Usually resources that you've recently discovered in a state of hypnosis, and by putting them in your future, it's a clever way to remember them later.

You can also go back into your history, and change painful memories around by changing your "then" perception from a helpless child to a more resourceful adult.

Hypnotists (real ones and movie ones) are always giving people "post hypnotic" suggestions.

Like every time you see the color yellow, you'll taste mustard (or something).

These are also useful gags for stage hypnotists.

Once I saw a show where the hypnotist convinced one of the subjects that every time he touched his ear, the poor woman would hear a voice coming from her watch, begging to be set free.

These are actually pretty easy to set, and they have to do more with human memory than hypnosis.

And you can be pretty sneaky with what you connect with what.

The thing in the future you KNOW they will experience (see or hear) with what you want them to remember.

For example, if you are a couple stories deep, and one of your "characters" is talking to another "character," you can say (so long as you've set it in the story before hand) "And every time you see somebody walking a dog you'll think of this," and then briefly motion toward yourself.

The "this" that they think of will be consciously be associated with whatever the "this" was inside the story.

But the person will also associate the "this" with you. Because it was in the story, because YOU told the story, and because you covertly gestured toward yourself when you did so.

That's the cool thing with nested loop stories.

You can playfully blur realities all over the place.

Just like in those goofy time travel movies.

Do this and nobody will ever forget you.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Storytelling

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