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In many movies and stories, there's usually a character that is considered wise and usually has a lot of experience.

And some of the best movies, the best parts are when this older, wise character relays some deep truth about humanity through a drawn out anecdote or story.

Some entire movies are based around a character telling a story, and then within that story, another character starts telling another story, and it just keeps going deeper and deeper.

A pretty cool effect is when one character says something to another character, but what they say is true for the character he's talking to, but it's also true for the viewer watching the movie.

This is much different than those corny comedy's where the actors look directly at the camera and talks to the audience.

That is still pretty funny, but it's also very blatant.

When a movie effectively blurs reality, it gives the viewer a very unique experience.

It kind of makes our minds spin around a little bit, trying to grasp what just happened.

When you deliver any otherwise "normal" content within this brief period of 'mind spinning" it takes on a much deeper meaning.

Similar to the "halo effect" when attractive people say normal things, but since they're attractive, we normal humans seem to think those normal things are really important things.

When you can create a brief period of mind spinning by telling stories with blurred realities, you can have a much more profound effect.

Any statement or quote you deliver during a blurred reality is going to be processed on a completely different level that the stuff most people say.

Even if they don't really remember what it was, they'll remember the structure.

They'll remember you were talking about something, and then you said something incredibly profound.

And they can't get their mind off it.

Which means they'll be thinking of you a lot differently than they think about everybody else.

Do this once or twice during every conversation, and you'll soon be on a completely differently level.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Storytelling

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