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A long, long time ago, I took a class in electronics.

We learned all about the different "Gates" that are used to create circuits.

They use a completely different kind of maths called "Boolean Algebra" which is used to figure out how to set up these digital gates to create the desired outcome.

I've always thought they were a good metaphor for our brains, since they are probably constructed similarly.

Logic elements (called Gates) can have two inputs and one output.

If it's an "OR Gate" then if EITHER of the inputs is out, the output is going to be on.

If it's an "AND Gate" then both inputs need to be on for the output to be on, etc.

Our brains work a little differently. At a fundamental level, they are based on "pleasure" and "pain."

Both can be manifested in a kajillion different ways. But on a fundamental, biological circuitry level, that's a good metaphor.

Our monkey brains are always comparing the amount of "pleasure" to the amount of "pain" in any given situation.

If we write all these out when considering a big decision, we call these "pros and cons."

They believe that one of the reasons we love music and stories is because it sets up a whole bunch of "tension-release" series.

If you listen to any "emotionally moving" piece of music, it's going to be a series of chord-discord-chord progressions.

The discord reminds us, emotionally, of pain. The chord reminds us emotionally, of pleasure.

And for some reason, certain mixes of sounds, in a certain order, can move us in deep and indescribable ways.

The same with movies, books and stories.

By following along with stories, our brains are moved from pain to pleasure to pain to pleasure, etc.

Now, here's a cool concept.

We tend to associate ACTORS with the emotions they make us feel when they are playing the parts in those movies.

This is natural. This is how humans operate. We make tons of associations, especially when our emotions are involved.

When we see something that's emotionally powerful, moving and has a happy ending, we WANT MORE.

The cool thing is it doesn't take very long to create these "pleasure-pain-pleasure" feelings.

Only a couple of minutes. 

How long are some of the best songs you've ever heard?

A few minutes, tops.

So when you can learn to tell stories like this, you'll create those SAME EMOTIONS in your listeners.

And just like we do with movie stars, they'll associate those wonderful feelings with YOU.

What's even better, is nobody will know it's coming. You'll be at some party, hanging out with your friends, and BOOM!

They won't even remember what happened, or how it even started. They'll all just be staring at YOU with that wonderful look of pleasure.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Storytelling

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