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Once I had this job where we had these really goofy meetings.

I didn't mind very much, but my coworker hated it.

Thing was, he acted like he was always on board DURING those meetings, but then later he'd do nothing but complain.

But since we never really got any new assignments because of the meetings, it was just a situation where we had to listen to our boss.

Shake your head at the right times, agree when you're supposed to, and you get out without any extra work.

I didn't really mind, but he sure did.

Later I was in another situation, with another boss who liked to have weekly meetings for more or less the same purpose.

And I accidentally used some powerful hypnotic storytelling on her, without really knowing.

While we were sitting there waiting for everybody to show up, we were mindlessly chit-chatting.

And because we were in a meeting, it reminded me of other meetings.

Namely the one I just described. And I said something like:

"We used to have these meetings at my old job, but one of my workers absolutely hated them, he would always complain to me about them after the meetings were over."

Funny thing is that was the LAST MEETING we ever had.

I didn't intend it to happen that way, but that's what happened.

Perhaps when I was describing my coworker at my old job, my then boss started wondering if we all complained about the meetings once they were over.

Which maybe made her question whether or not we really needed them.

But here's the cool part.

I never even looked at her when I told her that story.

And she NEVER looked at me differently, as if I were some secret "meeting killer."

She always acted like it was HER IDEA to stop having meetings.

And that little story I told (which was nothing more than the sentence up there in quotes) didn't have ANY "NLP" inside.

No nested loops. No spatial anchoring. No embedded commands. No placed pauses.

Just some words I spit out, without much thought.

Think of what you could do with a little practice!

Tell a few simple stories looped together, put in some NLP ninja tricks, and you can get people doing pretty much anything.

ALWAYS thinking it was their idea.

Learn How:

Hypnotic Storytelling

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