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How To Move Their Emotions


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I was watching a movie the other night on Netflix.

And I usually do, I like to read the reviews while I watch.

Most of them said the same thing.

The movie was much different than the book, but they hit on the same emotions, so the overall effect was just as powerful.

The words we use to describe movies, books and other stories are an indication of how we feel about them.

If the movie "moves us" what exactly does that mean?

What is being "moved?"

Most people agree that it's our emotions that are being moved. Hopefully all over the place.

Movies are also described as if they were three dimensional objects.

The movie was "deep" or "shallow." Or it "fell flat," or even "one dimensional characters."

What is a "one dimensional character?"

Something that is flat, not complicated. Simple. Easy to see. No depth.

Some movies are described in terms of music.

For example, that movie strikes a "chord."

What is a "chord?" 

Several "notes" played at once that mix together well.

So a movie that strikes a "chord" means it moves us on different emotional levels at the same time, AND it does so when emotions that "mix well."

Movies and books are made to please a WIDE variety of people.

So a bunch of different people from different backgrounds can "move" people equally effectively.

What about in a one on one situation?

If you know enough about the particular person (or people in general) you can do the EXACT same thing.

Tell a simple story (or a collection of simple stories) that will MOVE them on a deep and fundamental level.

The good news is that the CONTENT (the stuff the stories are actually about) isn't important.

The most important thing is the underlying emotions the "content" elicit.

And with the right set of skills, you can use very simple, everyday stories to create the SAME EMOTIONS as epic dramas.

All within a two or three minute conversation.

Being able to do this, of course, will set you apart, in their mind, from EVERYBODY ELSE they've ever spoken to, or ever will speak to.

Learn More:

Hypnotic Storytelling

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