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The Dislocated Finger Pattern


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I was watching this TV show the other night.

One of the characters dislocated their finger, and another one was going to fix it.

And he used an old "TV trick."

He said he was going to count to three and then pop her finger back in.

But he did it on one-and-a-half instead.

The idea being that when you don't expect pain coming, if it's over quickly it will be a lot less painful than if you're expecting it.

(I hate it when doctors say, "OK, you might feel some pressure," when they really mean it's going to hurt like a motherf&%*#$!")

This is an extreme example, but it illustrates what happens if we expect something.

If a girl sees a guy walking up, and he seems to be nervous, AND she sees a group of other guys watching with interest, she'll know what's up.

And she'll put up her "defensive shield."

She knows she's going to get hit on, so she readies herself.

Humans HATE uncertainty, AND we have this strange habit of always expecting the worse.

So when something is coming that is both uncertain and potentially painful (like a pick up attempt or a finger being popped back in place) we REALLY get ready.

One of my favorite phrases comes from a Tom Clancy novel.

"The Sum of All Fears."

There's one scene in the book that describes what that phrase means.

There was a crisis, and a group of high level government types got together to figure out what to do.

This was how the title was described:

"When you get a group of highly trained men together, you don't get the sum of their experiences or skills. You get the sum of their fears."

Meaning that each General thinks up the WORST POSSIBLE scenario.

Then they combine these WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIOS and figure out how to respond to it.

This is based on the, "hope for the best but plan for the worst" idea.

This happens automatically whenever we see an uncertain event coming.

You might even say this is the MAIN PURPOSE for our conscious minds.

To act as a automatic defense system.

After the guy set the girls finger, she was glad. He'd tricked her, but he did so in a way to fix her problem with the MINIMUM amount of pain.

So long as your intentions are good, there are PLENTY of ways to do this verbally.

To slide right in under their conscious awareness and put in commands, thoughts and beliefs.

Ones that will make them feel better and happier.

Because of YOU.

Street Hypnosis


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