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Don't Be A Tangerine


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There a lot of ways to hypnotize somebody.

And a lot of ways to "categorize" that hypnosis.

For fun, like at a party.

Or to help them, to get them to quit smoking.

With a specific purpose, or without a specific purpose.

A specific purpose could be anything, from making them forget the number four, to thinking there's a little man in their watch screaming to get out.

But even "vague" hypnosis is pretty useful for specific reasons.

How so?

Humans tend to not like unknown things.

If there is any kind of "open loop" we'll subconsciously NEED some kind of closure.

(This is why it sucks to get ghosted...)

But plenty of studies have shown that "vagueness" when used effectively, can be an effective marketing strategy.

For example, in one experiment, they tested the NAME of an orange colored marker.

In one case, the "name" of the color was "Tangerine."

Which left no doubt as to WHY it was called tangerine.

But in the other case, the name was "Millennium Orange."

And because there's no clear or obvious reason how or why "millennium" goes with "orange" people "thought" about the second marker more.

And just thinking about that second marker more made it more compelling, and increased the number of sales.

It seems that when we look at something and understand EVERYTHING about it, we can categorize and forget about it.

But when we see something and there's part that we DON'T understand, that "not knowing" will make us WANT that "thing," whatever it is.

So when you are very clear in your speech, and everybody understands everything you're saying, it's like your putting yourself in the "tangerine" category.

A cute name, but since it's understandable, you're forgettable.

But if you purposely use a little vagueness in your language, people WON'T be able to categorize you.

They'll do the opposite.

They'll become interested in YOU and whatever you are talking about.

Where can this be useful?

Any situation when you want people to WANT YOU beyond that conversation.

Street Hypnosis

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