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Knowing when to quit a relationship

Skylar Lake

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Guest Beverly

When the relationship has turned toxic, you need to cut your ties and run.  There is no saving a toxic relationship, especially if the other person is contributing to the stress through physical or mental violence or drug abuse.  This will vary for each relationship so you will have to make the judgement based on the situation you are in.  What is toxic or destructive for one, might not be for another.  For instance, some people live in fairly toxic relationships for years out of convenience either due to money pressures or family obligations, such as when children are in the home.  The important thing to do in those situations is to seek family counseling so that you don't infect the family with the bitterness that each spouse is showing to the other. 

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You will know when a relationship is not right for you, such as when there is constant arguing or disagreements.  You should not confine yourself to living in a hostile environment.  Define what you need from a relationship and work with your partner to achieve this goal.  If he or she won't work with you or insists upon other incompatible goals, then it's possible you need to rethink your place in that relationship and whether or not it's right for you.

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