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I saw this goofy movie with Kevin Hart the other night.

Called the "Wedding Ringer."

About a guy who was a "best man for hire."

For guys getting married that didn't have any friends.

The two of them (the guy getting married and the fake best man) were coming up with a believable backstory.

Kevin Hart's character explained what to do if somebody asks a question and he didn't have an answer.

"If it's man, say something that doesn't make sense. If it's a woman, compliment her on something."

Since this was a comedy, the guy of course got it backward.

He was complimenting dudes and saying weird things to girls.

However, the reason this was funny, was because it touched on one of our "common human fears."

And ANY movie will be successful (comedy or not) if they touch on and deal with these common human fears or worries.

In this case, being in a conversation, having somebody say something, and then have NO idea what to say next.

This is one of the things that keeps guys stuck talking to their buddies instead of cute girls.

"I don't know what to say!"

This CAN be difficult if you are thinking on a CONTENT level.

The actual stuff you talk about.

But when you think on a STRUCTURAL level, it's EASY.

You can take anything that anybody else says and rearrange it, slice it up, and shuffle it any way you like.

You can spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE trying to learn CONTENT based skills.

The actual STUFF you talk about.

Having new and exciting experiences.

(In the movie, they faked a bunch of "adventure" pictures to paint an exciting picture of their imaginary past together).

But with STRUCTURE, any experience will work.

In fact, you can take just a few ordinary, mundane experiences and by applying different STRUCTURES, you can be the most exciting guy at ANY party.

And you'll be the one that everybody else will want to talk to.

Learn How:

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